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A writer and consultant, Charles R. Oliver started writing in his early twenties. His passion for writing, with an emphasis on creative fiction writing, developed into a desire to share his passion with other writers who wanted their stories to be told to the world. This desire grew into the idea to organize a community writing group; and on May 4th, 2010 he founded Spokane Fiction Writers Group. Since then he has managed the group’s activities and the results are a vibrant, active group of literary minded authors and aspiring authors in the Spokane, Washington area who collaborate for the purpose of assisting each other in their goal of publishing their works of fiction.

He has traveled extensively through the United States and abroad, hiking backcountry trails, exploring historical sites, and researching locations to achieve historical accuracy in his novels. His work features historical and present day characters full of intrigue, action and suspense. He is currently dividing his time between two projects: a series of novels set in the Inland Northwest cross-country to the East Coast, and managing the Spokane Fiction Writers Group.

Charles is an active member in the Northwestern literary community. He regularly attends academic and social functions involving writers and associated professionals. When he is not immersed in the public side of writing, he spends his days barricaded in his office; pounding the keys to finish another story.

My Words

I have written stories since I was a young adult, and I’ve been writing full time now for ten years. My genre is action-thrillers with a mystery or two thrown in to keep the folks guessing. I draw heavily upon my past military experiences and working the streets for decades as a firefighter paramedic to provide realism and accuracy to my stories. I use first-hand knowledge of the evil lurking in shadows, causing mayhem, and (gasp) maybe even murder. I write about people who are caught up in the emotional and psychological turmoil caused by the effects of crime. My stories are about the people who commit crimes, the victims who suffer from them, and the people who are called upon to hunt them down.

Sometime around 2010 I started developing an idea I had carefully cultivated about a novel that would span a one hundred and fifty-year period of time. After many hours of plot, character, and setting development I moved on to work on the historical research I needed to add depth and accuracy to the tale I wanted to write. After the first chapter I realized this story would require a series of books to do justice to the characters that were introducing themselves as the storyline moved forward. The loss of immeasurable treasure and undying love moved the characters towards behavior I never expected and the conflict of their actions caused irreconcilable angst that was passed on from generation to generation. It’s a story of a battle between opposing forces in a nation torn apart; with all the pain and suffering that comes with the brutality of war. But since a good story is not all tragedy several characters came out of the shadows that will not only bring a tear, but a smile, and maybe even a laugh to those who read it. But that is for you to discover, so as all good writers should, I will now fade away into the background and let the readers decide for themselves. The first novel in this series will be available in the winter of 2017. Sign up for my newsletter for the release date later this year.

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