Welcome! Charles R. Oliver’s passion for writing developed into a desire to share his passion with other writers who wanted their stories to be told to the world.read full bio

Charles Oliver has helped create an invaluable team of writers in the Northwest, people that I count as teachers, colleagues, and friends. Working with him has been a privilege for years, and his enthusiasm for the written word is as contagious in his blog as it is in person.

Rose Shababy – Author
Rose ShababyAuthor

Great information at Mr. Oliver's blog.  Engaging, well-written, and highly relevant to today's writing community.

David Jewett – Author
David JewettAuthor

Whether you’re a newbie chewing your nails in front of a blank screen or a seasoned writer facing the deletion of three days’ worth of work that doesn’t fit your story—this blog will give you something you need to move forward.

Lorna Hartman – Screenwriter Author Editor
Lorna HartmanScreenwriter Author Editor

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